The service portfolio covers
  • in addition to the legal business advising in the complete area of general trade and business law,
  • the representation of clients and
  • the support for existing legal departments in enterprises
  • the drafting and the negotiation of contracts (for sales and procurement purposes, national as well as international),
  • the structuring, management and the execution of projects,
  • the corporate law (incl. M & A, Due Diligence procedures, succession plan etc.),
  • the real estate law,
  • the labour law,
  • the law related to capital investments,
  • the establishment of new legal departments,
  • the temporary management for legal departments,
  • the temporary active support in legal departments (for covering shortages in capacity, e.g. due to major internal or external projects),
  • the innovative mission as a mobile legal department (active integration in projects with local work, especially for international assignments),
  • the support for the relocation of production facilities (leadership for the legal project or for the overall project),
  • the support for the new structuring or restructuring of enterprises or groups of enterprises (legal support or leadership for the overall project),
  • the activity as member of a supervisory board or an advisory board,
  • the activity as business mediator or
  • arbitrator (Alternative Dispute Resolution) as well as
  • trainings related, workshops and the activity as lecturer to the subjects
    • drafting of contracts,
    • argumentation and negotiation techniques,
    • corporate law as well as
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures (mediation / arbitration) and
    • inhouse processes (in case of a house search (“dawn raid”), legal organization, data protection, product safety etc.).

So far mediation procedures related to
  • corporate law
  • labour law
  • family law and
  • law regarding the consequences of a divorce
have been performed.

Do you have any task which we have not yet addressed so far in our offer of services? Whatever the issue, please contact us and we will decide together how we can support you.