Advantages for Clients

The offer of services of the Law Firm Prof. Dr. Sick Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is characterized by high business and entrepreneurial competence as well as more than 30 years of experience of the owner of the law firm in international business and work as attorney-at-law and inhouse lawyer.

This enables us to work on typical entrepreneurial mandates as well as on mandates concerning business law in a way in which normally only a major international law firm is able to operate – and to combine this work with the favourable cost structure of a mid-sized law firm. This means for clients a very beneficial relationship between price and performance.

An essential criterion for the differentiation in comparison to other law firms is the principle of absolute mobility. Independent of the location where the domicile of your company is, we will be available for you locally – according to your request even in your subsidiary abroad. The legal service will be rendered for you at the location where you need it.

Through many negotiations of major projects in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, the Near and Middle East as well as in many countries in Asia, Prof. Dr. Sick has gained huge experience in foreign countries with many different cultures. This is important, when contract negotiations are to be undertaken or to be accompanied on a national or international / worldwide level.

The offer of services of the law firm shows a broad variety in spite of specialisation and comprises the following areas:

The main focus is in the area of business advising mandates, where the vast experience of the founder of the law firm results from of his day-to-day practice in enterprises which can be used to the full advantage of the advised enterprises. This comprises all questions which usually appear in the day-to-day business of enterprises, but especially
  • the complete corporate law including
    • M & A,
    • Due Diligence procedures,
    • succession plan as well as
    • new structuring and restructuring of enterprises, but as well
  • the real estate law,
  • the complete labour law including
    • collective and
    • individual labour law,
  • and last but not least, of course, general trade and business law.

Special experience exists in the area of drafting of national and international contracts, irrespective whether such contracts
  • belong to the aforementioned areas,
  • are intended for sales or procurement purposes
  • or are necessary in connection with other constellations (independent of the sector of industry affected).
The contracts are developed, drafted and also negotiated in
  • German or
  • English.

For internal and external major projects (independent of the sector of industry affected) Prof. Dr. Sick’s practical experience can be an essential key success factor even in an early stage
  • for the structuring of the projects and then
  • for the contractual arrangement as well as
  • the following execution of the contracts (project management and project handling).

Finally Prof. Dr. Sick as a fully educated business mediator has a further main focus in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which comprises
  • the conducting of mediation procedures (confidential, faster, more price efficient and more oriented in the future than a proceeding at an ordinary court) which
  • can cover conflicts within an enterprise or
  • between enterprises,
  • but Prof. Dr. Sick as well is available as arbitrator for arbitration procedures.

Based on the longterm experience in management positions of various enterprises there is as well the opportunity to order Prof. Dr. Sick’s services as
  • interim manager (e.g. for supporting a legal department or for the execution of a project) or as
  • member of a supervisory board or an advisory board.

In addition to these subjects it would be a pleasure for us to support you in the professional training of your employees by offering corresponding training courses and workshops within our areas of specialization.

Last but not least the law firm is active in the area of law related to capital investments.